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1155 Foxconn CPU socket retention

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so my z77 mobo got 775 cpu hole for older cooler,i have to remove this thing to use the 775 backplate.

so is the 775 backplate going to give enough pressure to cpu and pin, or maybe i should put it back and get a proper 1155 cooler instead....still testing the temps but i'm seeing good results


idle 30c load p95 50c max 1 hour

ambient 26-29c



asrock z77 pro4-m

3570k @ stock

cooler master v8

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i'm concern about the pin getting burned just like the old 1156 with lotes retention. but 50c load temp means i'm getting good pressure right? and is it normal to have 3-4c temperature gap between cores? core#0 and core#3 is always higher than the other 2 during idle and sometimes during p95 load...

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^^ You shouldn't be concerned. That LGA775 cooler using facility is there onl after the company tested those boards using the coolers. Many boards have the facility to accommodate coolers for other socket.

And the temperature is perfectly normal.

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