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need help buying ssd


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i'm going to buy a new ssd for my build so i need some help selecting which ssd i should buy, i have compiled this list of ssd available here in my country from cheapest going up until my credit limit


kingston v300(cheapest)

plextor m5s

kingston v+200

corsair F3

intel 330

kingston hyperx 3k

intel 520

kingston hyperx

corsair FGS( priciest )


the capacity is 120/128GB, so which one i should get? i'm really a noob :doh: when it come to ssd so i just wanna to get the best performance/price ssd

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Get the Kingston v300, I have a v100 and it made my little E350 media machine scream!! You won't truthfully see any large real world differences between them and Kingston drives are reliable even if they aren't the "fastest"

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You may want to look at the Seagate Solid State Hybrid ST1000LM014 64MB Cache 1TB Drive, at $119,99. on sale @ NewEgg

For one hundred and twenty dollars US. they are a vary fast and reliable 1TB drive.

Out of the drives you listed I would go for the V300 120GB @ $105,99 it's a proven reliable SSD,  personally if I was running only one drive,.. I would go with the hybrid over any 120GB SSD, I prefer more storage and unless your running side by side speed tests you will not notice the transfer rate difference. 

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Basics are build quality and "utilities." Often called toolboxes. Whether you need them is a kinda, just a little more work on your part to accomplish things.

The Reviews on the V300 are good, though it is a cost cutting proposition compared to more expensive drives.

If the prices are close the Plextor M5S is technically better (slightly).

What size SSD are you going for?

Generally 120-128 GB is the current "recommended minimum," with 240-256 GB growing in popularity. fwiw, larger SSDs tend to work better.

Personally I usually purchase the lowest priced quality unit I can find.

Fortunately sales and discounts are frequent here, I have purchased Samsung 830, Kingston HyperX 3K, and a Corsair Neutron 256 GB  (NOT the GTX, NOT the "old" Neutron), the 7mm one closer to the Kingston V300.  At the time I thought it was the the older model, not that I'll ever be able to tell the difference. I was waiting for the Samsung 840 to go on sale and the Corsair showed up for a little more.

It was for a laptop, so 7mm seemed a possible future advantage. Rationalization ..

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