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Need help with Desktop Drives (SO ANGRY)


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Hello guys,


It's been a long while since I needed to post here. But now I'm raging and I need some advice. It's kinda along story.


The original three are all from the "G-Force" line


I am a long time user of fantom drives. I own five now and out of those my three earlier purchases have been exceptional. my first a 320gb that I finally replaced because I wanted more storage and installed in my tower...


My second a 1tb Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1000.2 which runs @ 7,200RPM w/ 32mb cache and runs at a cool 30 degrees C or max ever was 37 C according to my PC.


My third a 2tb Samsung HD204UI that runs @ 5,400 I think w/ 32mb cache and hasn't ever reached 35 degrees C (this is my favorite for  its size, temp, and performance) wish I could still buy them...



SUPER HAPPY @ this point with these 'old' Fantom Drives.


Now fast forward and I decided to back up these drives and use new fantoms and store the old ones... Since all these are out of production I look at their high end G-Force3 BLACK series. Which claim to be the best and fastest drives available but I can't find any hard numbers. So old ones were good so...


I purchase two GF3B200U32 drives basically 2tb w/ 32mb cache using USB3.0 (only using 2.0 right now)


This things completely SUCK. Just total garbage. They have SeaGate ST2000DL003-9VT166 green drives in them...


First HARDLY a great choice for their "performance" line

Second the cache doesn't seem to work with any PC I try it with

Third they put of SO much heat under load I'm looking at 61 Degrees C!? they idle @ 40C... unacceptable especially with greendrives. Unless this is the new normal and I missed it?


And the best for last... THE DRIVE IS REFURBISHED! I about lost it. Selling an external harddrive as new and then having a Refurbished drive in it? you have to be joking. And the newer one of the two bought them a few months apart is showing signs of failure... Hooray. I will be contacting Fantom but I don't expect much.


So that's what happened. Sorry for the long story but I felt I should explain the issue so you can better help my situation.


I need to acquire some NICE 2tb drives to replace these crap drives ASAP. possibly enclosures as well. 


So i'd like something that runs cool. 30 Degrees @ idle sub 40 under load would be ideal.

Has a decent cache. Has S.M.A.R.T. Isn't a Seagate. (I am a little bitter)

Is 2tb or more and is reliable. I try and only write the files to the disk once to increase longevity. 


If you took the time to read this I really appreciate it.


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First problem is your using USB2.0 dont expect super fast speeds out of this.


Second. I have never heard  of Fantom drives, so l cant help you on that part.


Both Seagate and WD make good external drives. I myself am a WD person, so l would recommend them, they have a nice 2tb that you can pick up for around $120. But l dont know where you live, so its hard to point you in the right direction for pricing.

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