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Need Info On New PC build.

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I just recently put a new PC together. When I bought it I had every plan to overclock it, but Ive never tried it before. Now that I have put it together and it works I would like to know where I should start with Overclocking. Noob to Overclocking be nice. Thanks guys.

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Hey Lober.


I'm linking a quick and dirty guide written directly by the good guys over at the ROG forums.  While they focused on the Rampage IV Extreme, the steps will be the similar for every Asus X79 board.


Take a look at the info provide there to "get your feet wet".


When you're ready to take the next steps just give us a holler and one of our X79 OC experts will be happy to chime in.




And credit to Boinker for pointing out another good "getting started guide" here;



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