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 I have been away far too long from this website. I can't believe Ryan left here, loved working with him, and now Dale has passed? I am truly and deeply sympathetic for everyone's loss. I too lost someone dear to me over this past weekend.


 Anyway, glad to be back in the mix. I had a lot of fun back in 04-06 helping out around here. I sure do hope this community is as fun as it was back in those days. I see a lot of good changes on this website. Very impressive. I too have grown my skills since 2004. I've gained skill in Technical Writing, Developing Software, Operating Systems, Game Reviews, Developing Websites on the Front End and Back End, Project Coordinating, Hardware Installs/Upgrades. I would love to help out again.


 I am currently working for a famous Pizza Restaurant at their headquarters as a Project Coordinator in the IS (Information Systems) Dept. It's a great job. I came back to OCC to try and see if I could help again and was quite shocked by the news posted on the home page. If you guys need help around here just let me know. As far as hardware goes, I am more into Gaming Laptops than Desktops. I also have acquired a decent amount of knowledge in developing Android Apps, Google Apps, Computer Languages, Windows 8 Apps, Microsoft Visual Studio, and all around "general" skill and knowledge involving Business Intelligence. My goals are to work my way up into a Business Analyst position.


I will see you guys around and I can not stress enough how glad I am to be back in this community and deeply sincere to the loss of Dale.


Thank you.


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