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Raid 0 Stripe/block Size


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First off, I have already tried searching the forums and searching :google: for many hours on this topic.


I am going to be setting up a new RAID 0 array on my PC soon and I would like some advice from you guys. The hard drives will be WD IDE 80gb 8mb cache drives that will be on a highpoint 372 controller. Main uses for the raid 0 array are for OS (XP Pro), DVD Ripping, DivX encoding, picture hosting, online game hosting, and general use. My question is, what would be the ideal Stripe/Block size for my array to give me the best performance?


I was thinking that my ideal range would be a 16k-128k block size.


On a side note, how does block size relate to stripe size? (i.e. is it 8kb stripe = 16kb block?)

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