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Phenom 2 in an Asus M5A99FX pro2

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With this new Mobo and weird BIOS I'd like some help if anybody has the same rig.

I want to know what BIOS settings anybody uses.

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I think he may be overwhelmed by the look and extra functionality of UEFI.

You got it in one freddie!

I was never the one to set up a BIOS perfectly at the best of times, but now, if you mean this strange new BIOS is UEFI then yes! I just don't get it.

One setting has really rolled me. The CPU setting is 16 X 240 = 3877mhz.

That threw me for for six!

I don't know how to set a ratio unless the BIOS actually say "Set Ratio"   or  "Ratio equals"

The RAM is running at 1599. Close enough! The NB stuff is 2400. That is good. Goes with the RAM at 1600 I think. The RAM is supposed to be 9-9-9-24 2T. I think there is supposed to be a 41 in there somewhere but I don't know what it is.

I'm also afraid to up the voltage on this board. The M4n98TD evo could take 1.55 for the CPU.


Hornybluecow: Pro 2.0, not Evo!

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I just set a few more things in the BIOS (play with it and you will learn).

In the heading "SPD" it has numbers for each seperate stick of RAM.

Dimm 1 and 4 reads TRFC as 107 jedec and 128 XMP #2

Dimm 2 and 3 reads TRFC as   74 Jedec and  88 XMP #2

Even though the RAM is running fine, should I be worried.

If not at least I'd like to know why they are different. Please?


And can any body tell me why 240 X16 = 3877? Or do you mean this is the deviation?

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