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Festung Europa & Traction Wars

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Red Orchestra 2 didn't turn as good as one would hope. Neither did Iron Front: Liberation 1944. Hopefully Rising Storm can revive Red Orchestra 2 to what it should have been. Anyways, I bring two new WWII FPS games that share a lot of similarities. So it'll be interesting to see how both games turn out. Both games are still in early development, so might be a year or more before release.



CryEngine 3

Western Front (Normandy)

British / Commonwealth vs Germany

Infantry / Land Vehicles

Multiplayer Only

Realism Stylized Gameplay



Festung Europa (Members from Darkest Hour mod team)

Players: Shooting for minimum 64

Map size: 4km x 4km (Darkest Hour sizes)

10-12 vehicles on release (5-6 per team, including transports)

Crew supported weapons

Expansion outside of Normandy will depend on game's success (Polish forces planned to be added)

Screenshots (lush vegetation for all the snipers)


Traction Wars (Standalone Free 2 Play of a former Crysis mod)

Releases in episodic content

Players: Unknown

Squad & Command System

Balanced Class System

Custom HUD (no details given)

Screenshots & Videos (more lush vegetation for all the snipers)


Not kidding about the vegetation in CryEngine 3.


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A blast from the past. Festung Europa dropped CryEngine for Unreal 4. Not much information and media has been released for either game. Traction Wars trickles out some small videos and articles. Development seems very slow for both.


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