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MoBo has bad reading.

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I just finished waffling on about my MoBo, Windows 7 OEM and mouse.

I made many mistakes.

The biggest and costliest mistake was deciding, with help from others, that the M4N98TD evo motherboard was faulty.

I used the mouse to go from USB socket to USB socket.  The sockets all seemed to work intermittantly.

I asked on the forum and was told that the mouse wasn't faulty and the motherboard was dying.

I'm not a tester, so I went with that diagnosis.

 A new 181 dollar motherboard (see sig) and the old one tossed in the garbage.

For a day the mouse worked fine, then started to play up again. Intermittant problems are the hardest to find.

I pulled the mouse wire this way and that with no disconnects for an hour or so. But using the mouse normally, it would disconnect.

I don't like windows boinking at me so I looked up the noise and it was "Device disconnect."

I worked on the wire again and lo and behold (where does that saying come from) the mouse would disconnect.

I just hope this info will help others to NOT make a costly mis-diagnosis.

I now have a new mouse! End of problem!


My BIOS CPU reading is 16X240 = 3877mhz @ 1375mV. Bad Reading in BIOS.


Goodnight from one very pissed off gamer. :wallbash:

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Hey Ces - sorry that you spent money that you didn't need to spend.  But please remember, that everything here is user to user advice.  And there are occasions when one or more of us get it wrong.  I don't specifically remember the thread you're referring to above, but I'll try and find it and read through everything.


I've got a simple motto - when having problems start with the simplest solutions first, and then move on to the cheapest solutions next.

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Thanks for the answer wevs, but I'm not blaming anybody. The fault is totally mine. I made the decision to replace the motherboard with what info I had.

Every body has an opinion.

My brother used to say "you are entitled to your opinion but I'm right."

He wasn't right all the time, I can tell you.

And I've made bigger mistakes than this one. In forty years of marriage I've had ten cars. Looking back I could have done with three or so if I'd made better choices. All my fault.

When a bad choice is made, I get a bit pissed off then get over it and move on. I wouldn't be the only one to have to do this.

When I worked in the railways as a clerk I'd lose a pen, so I had a theory. Blame somebody else and within five minutes I'd find it on my desk somewhere.

Thanks for listening .....................

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to be honest I've had more mice/keyboards go bad on me then motherboards :) So I generally look there first. in fact the only mobo i've had go bad (that I didnt cause myself) had a known issues with the chipset and I kind of expected it. Guess I've had failry good luck with them. The other componet i've had go out from time to time and cause unexpected errors was optical drives (cd/dvd) though that was usually boot issues, and of course harddrive crashes... a couple memory moduals and a powersupply or two.. That said im generally not going to suspect the mb first :)

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Wevs: So far, the motherboard is operating exactly the same as the M4N98TD evo. I have not had it long enough yet.

Hyper: I guess mice are mechanical things and they wear out fairly quickly. I have done in a few mice in my time.

The G400 is nice and big for a big hand so I have the second one. I want to put a stress relief on it if possible. Maybe some silicon sealer.

I can only recall about five or six motherboards wrecked by me or died over 13 years. Apart from what I just threw out I screwdrivered a motherboard once. At my age my hands are even more unsteady now.


I'm inclined to think the M4N98TD was better. I could fiddle with the BIOS and it was all good. The 55A99FX isn't as user friendly. Some things don't seem to be available.

Doesn't worry me though.

Edited by Cespenar

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