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HP PSC 1315 not scanning


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I got this multifunction device Hp PSC 1315 from friend, because he says that it suddently stop printing, yet it scan well - for this only thing. Scanning. It is a compact thing: http://http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/000634/hp_psc_1315.jpg
...with the lift off top for the scanning:

This is the interface:
HP PSC 1315 interface

...yet on mine is in the number of Copies (as shown "1") are shown "E" and the red LED diode on the "Check printer cartridge" is flicking. No real reactions on the buttons anyway. Except more flicking LEDs, lol.

Using the latest v4.2.1 drivers from there:
In Photoshopu with the "Import / hp psc 1310 series TWAIN..." it shown this window:

HP PSC 1315 scan

...it witch nothing works. That is on Windows 2000 SP4 with the HP "Win2k " drivers v4.2.1 witch obviously did not work on W2k.

Windowns of course claim that all is OKAY:

HP PSC 1315 test passed

...and there was not a problem with the install. Using the WIA interface it tell me, that the scanner is busy, probably by "other application":


On Windows XP SP 1.0a it looks much better:


...yet still refusing to scan anythng. But once I did managed to make it scan. (IIRC I opened the door for the cartridges, close it and use the WIA preview for scan...?) But on reboot/shotdown it stoped scanning again and never do it. Yet I have few scans I did with it as a proof: http://http://jirilitschka.wz.cz/g.php?p=vtipy&d=1&v=v2

So I'm getting pretty angry with this thing and I tried Win XP SP3 - yet no change. Then I managed to find a czech version of the install CD drivers v4.2.0 - yet this is very slightly older, I tried it on clean Win XP SP1.0a again. And again nothing :( All is OK, yet the printer still complaining about rhe cartridges and refuse to scan, when I already scanned so well!!! :mad:

This is crazy.

Obviously HP PSC 1315 not working with a Active Jet AH-657N and AH-656N cartridges, however it did scan for my friend and it even show that me - but just a show. What can I do to make it scan? I absultely did not want to print with such problematic thing, the whole section can be ripped off. But what to do to make it scan?
Or is there a firmware downgrade possible to even make it back working with the cartridges?!

Anyone have, preferably the smaller web drivers, any older version of the drivers that the v4.2.0 ...? ( http://http://ulozto.cz/xtYWQEPD/hp-psc-1315-driver-v4-2-0-cz-rar )

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Most HP all in ones won't even let you scan if the ink cartridges are empty, missing or malfunctioning. It's hard coded into the firmware. Some say an honest error on their part, but I think they did it on purpose. Because at this point they know all too well about the issue but refuse to do anything to fix it.

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"Honest error"? These people are very naive at best...


Surely they did this on purpose. And it even scanned before, but the firmware get updated w/o my consent and then stoped scanning anymore!


This is just over the top from my point of view. To tie up scanning with cartriges, this is just outright theft! If anyone come up with HW, the require miltimegabit sized drivers, one should prefer another hardware, because in such huge drivers, there is the possibility that w/o your consent, the firmware will be "upgraded" to limit usability of your HW.


Now that is something I find very dangerous.

It just make my head spin to see, that HP doing this, is still in bussiness. It should be boycotted for that!

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One reason I never use HP printers.  The company I work for was the Factory Authorized Rebuilding Center for HP Printers for years.  Almost a decade worth.  Unfortunately I know all too well the nefarious intentions of HP.................


Furthermore, there isn't any reason in the world that it takes a gigabyte of installation packages to make a printer work, not to mention the background processes that get installed if you do a standard "auto" installation.  Automatic firmware updating being one of them.

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Why they do not allow scanning in their AIOs if the cartridges are empty?

Well, they would say primarily AIOs main job is printing.

Basically, they don't want their customers to use the AIOs only as a scanner.

Want to scan a document when you are using it as a printer? Buy cartridges. :P


This is one of the hidden characteristic of all their firmwares and this being one of many reasons I don't like HP.

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wevsspot - now I must believe that the HP LaserJet P1102 will be as good, as the old HP 1012 one I got stolen... The printing drum on OkiPage 14ex give up completely and the price of new one is 1/3 higher that the HP LaserJet P1102...  So, fingers crossed!



I managed to get drivers for HP PSC 1315 v3.
...but once again, absolutely no change in behaviour. Not working at all.

The idea to get the original HP cartridges is probably the best one. Looking there:
...I come to conclusion that I need (at best firmware downgrade to make the old cartridges work, but that is probably not getting to happen... dunno why) cartridges C8727AE (10ml black) and C8728AE (8ml color), or C6658AE (17ml photo) - C6656AE (19ml black) and C6657AE (17ml color) or C6656GE (4,5ml black) and C6657GE (4,5ml color)...



And now one my good friend give me HP PSC 1510 for a try. W/o the powersource. Luckily, the powersource is identical from HP PSC 1315 and I make it work. And - despite my high doubts about it - HP PSC 1510 is scanning fine even with the cartridges completely removed! Hoooray!
Now I have a working scanner, ufff!

HP PSC 1315 - never more, ever.

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Epson printers are exactly the same, but Epson ones actually keep track of the number of 'Squirts' the printer makes, and will not print if the counter reaches 0 on any cartridge. Turning the printer on also lowers the counter.

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