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nice! though it would be much better if those greens at the right aren't there. or it's just me.

how i love to see those beautiful foliage transformations with my own eyes. we don't have it here :(

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Guest onions

Thank you. I don't think you noticed, but the goal of that photo was to show the transition between the green leaves to the brown leaves. The brown ones are on the far left, and the green ones are the ones you pointed out. Maybe I'll go back to that park sometime before all the leaves are gone and do a photo with just one color of foliage.

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there's nothing had changed with this 2009 x58 rig but the 560Ti and the monitor since 2014.
yes it's an old fart yet it can do whatever i throw with it still,,, until my good buddy gave me these 2 bad guys plus a couple of corsair fans, for free! :whoa:













not even in my dreams i could go SLI and i just can't find the words how to say, THANK YOU Gejimayu! thumbsupsmiley.png

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