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microsistem audio philips vs samsung

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hi all.i want to buy microsistem audio .
i,am not decide philips or samsung.i found two models in same money to choice:




mention both have 2x 10 w
samsung have 2 way(tweeter and bass) for box
philips have 1 way for box.
samsung 17 eq(effect) preset ,philips only 5
samsung 15 memory radio-philips 20
samsung record to usb flash-philips no(only play)
but problem is i like philps remote contro(taste 1-9 and 0 for jump direct to  track(cd or usb) number and radio )
samsung not have only up and down button :(  
please samsung or philips choice?

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choose which of the 2 had the most features what you really need, yet your ears would be the judge then decide which one you should get. can you do an audition for both at stores?

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