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Feedback on BF3 gameplay

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I dunno, they feel a bit dull, probably cause of the music being louder than in game sounds or the game is just dull itself, commentaries usually help with those kinda games


Would it help if the music "took a backseat" and the game volume got louder? I agree on the commentary aspect but I want to take this one step at a time. Once I get the gameplay and the "basics" dialed in, I'll move into commentating  :)

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Hi Redspeed93,


Might be a little late for my post but nevertheless I watched your YouTube uploads.


I have not read all of the other post but here's what I noticed:

Music...I like to hear the adrenalin pumping/pounding music with BF3 vids.  Not something so outrageous but something that fits the moment. 

Introduction:  I like to see someone that puts a little effort into the production before showing the actual content. Something creative with the name or what the production is about.

Content:  Good stuff here, although the IR got a little boring.   On screen titles and information are neat as well as comments in game.  I like to hear what the player is thinking and/or his/her strategy.

Ending: Again, music to settle the mood, a little about yourself, and a thanks for watching. 


All in all, good stuff you have and my thanks for taking the time to post the "tubes".  I've trying to edit some home movies so I know the whole process is not as easy as it looks and it time consuming so strong work on your part for your efforts.



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