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Powercolor HD 7950 suddenly wont overclock

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I'm totally stumped on this and was hoping someone could help me out. I received a Powercolor AX7950 yesterday, and got it stable up to 1150/1495. My Heaven benchmark score was 1892 and averaged 75.1 FPS @ 80 degrees C. Today I ran the same test again, and I noticed my temp wasn't going above 70 which is what it gets to at stock core/memory. When my test was over my score was 1582 and averaged 62.6 FPS...which is nearly identical what it gets stock. Heaven and AMD Overdrive both show it is in fact still set at 1150/1495 though.

So I set it back to stock, disabled AMD Overdrive, and installed MSI Afterburner. I set it with that to 1150/1495, Heaven Benchmark confirmed, but it still didnt get above 70 degrees and I still got virtually the same scores as I do on stock. I tried enabling Overdrive again, and even set my core/memory as high as it would go and still didnt raise a single degree or increase my score. Its obvious even though these programs are showing that my card is OCed its really not. The only thing Ive done to my pc since yesterday when it was OCing fine was install some Windows security updates, and ran Registry Mechanic. Did one of those mess something up? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Its on 0%, but it was on 0 yesterday too when the OC was working. After logging with GPU-Z the card is in fact staying at its stock speeds even during stress tests. This card features AMD Boost, so it appears the boost function is not activating anymore like it did yesterday.


EDIT: Never mind, after moving that up to 20% all is fine now. Very strange because I know for a fact it was on 0 yesterday when it was working because Ive never touched it. Thank you!

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