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Excessive Insanity 4 computers in a Case Labs TX10-D with Dual Pedesta


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Excessive Insanity 4 computers in a Case Labs TX10-D
Sponsored by EK Water Blocks


I am going to finally build my dream computer. I have built a lot of computers and servers both air and water cooled but never really built exactly what I want. This time I am going to build
Exactly what I want. Eddy with EKWB has been kind enough to sponsor some Radiators for this build.. This Build will have 2 Computers and 2 Servers in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every thing will be water cooled and the Main PC will have a 6 to 12 stage TEC water chiller controlled by a AQ5


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Some of my Water Cooling items....




2 EK 420 Rads, EVGA Super Nova 1500 watt, 2 Asus GTX 680's




Fans, SSD's,  Power Supply, Asus External Blu-ray burner, raid cards..




Boxes and Boxes of Goodies, Radiators, Aqua-Computer items




More boxes of all kinds of items and Asus 27" Monitor




Tools for new Build And a Asus Rampage IV Extreme





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