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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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A news headline on Konami's site stated, "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain And Ground Zeroes Coming To Steam."


The link was broken and has now been taken down, so was likely published prematurely. I personally witnessed it, but here's another source if you don't believe me.


Konami's Gamescom livestream is currently underway, so an official announcement should be coming shortly!


I suspected all along that PC would get a MGS V Complete Edition (and hopefully not have to pay extra for that ridiculous money grab called Ground Zeroes).

Would be even sweeter if MGS1 & 2 were brought to Steam and available as pre-order bonuses (PC versions already exist, just not on Steam)!


EDIT: Literally just confirmed on the Twitch stream as I posted this!


Ground Zeroes coming first.


Phantom Pain later.


No release date for either.



EDIT: News Post w/ 13 new The Phantom Pain screenshots

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The prologue was annoyingly boring and slow (Hospital scene, not Ground Zeroes).


Felt like a scene from the ending of MGS 4.


Where Snake has to crawl through the microwave hallway, except it felt that way the entire 15-30 minutes or however long the hospital scene was in MGS 5.


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A few hours into the game and it feels more like a Far Cry game due to open world, but that's a pleasant thing. I love being able to scout enemy bases first and then planning my moves. I wish you could prioritize your enemy marks with either capture/kill/knockout/avoid symbols. I always forget who I need to fulton and who I can kill. Interesting note, I did somehow gain a female soldier at my base. Not sure if it started with her or I captured her from the field. So far haven't noticed any other female soldiers in the game.


A tip I learned for free 15 pts of heroism.

1. Catch a guard via CQC or weapon hold up (5 pts).

2. Always interrogate (use both, 5 pts each)

3. If you didn't hold them up originally release them and aim at them to hold up.

4. Kill or fulton (if you fulton knock him out if there are other guard around, otherwise he'll scream out to them).


Not quite sure what heroism points do, but I heard someone mentioned they were used in Peace Walker to increase the likelihood of captured enemies joining you.

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