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New build: limited choices, dual OS


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Hello, I am looking to upgrade my system, possibly just scrapping all of it and making a new one; I don't know if its "worth it" and need some help deciding the best way to do this. Computer is old, and I definitely need to replace some parts, and I want to start using two seperate SSD boot drives. Budget of up to $2000 but less is obviously good. I know this is long, I truly appreciate any input. 


Parts are more expensive here, and the selection is pale. Performance is a priority, value is a close second. 

 concerns: the power here is ungrounded, I am unsure if this is a problem, but perhaps this means I should be choosing something different for a PSU, and is it is really hot here.. 


Current Ambient temperatures are (in a CM stacker case) w/ zalman cooler + intel i7 920 processor run at 51-57*C / 122-134*F and gtx 295 GPU at 51*C/123*F at idle on stock settings.  I would like to be able to do some modest overclocking straight away if possible, and heavier overclocking over time. I am a bit concerned about the temps here, already implementing some better than average cooling techniques and the temps are a bit hot at stock, especially under load. 


Parts I am considering keeping from current system: not really attached to any of the pieces and feel pretty much everything could use an upgrade, but what is worth it?


and what I would like to upgrade to; I am looking for some value, I would like to be able to easily upgrade if possible (IE for 7950 graphics card I am looking for, I would like to eventually add crossfire when I need it, and for the i7 3770k I am considering, I would like to in time possibly add in better cooling, maybe water cooling, and overclock both the graphics card and processor more heavily to keep up). 





Current system:

CM stacker case - no dust filters, it gets pretty dusty fast, and the temps aren't great. 

Intel i7 920 processor with Zalman cooler

Mobo: need usb3.0, its out 

OCZ powerstream 700w power supply (3 years old)

Kingston Hyper-X ram 16GB (2 sets of 4 GB, 1600mhz). I do heavy multitasking, I may want more and better ram

drives: 1 TB WD, 120 GB Intel 320 SSD, 120 GB OCZ Vertex 3. I want to start using two different OS boot drives, so I will need more SSD and/or storage

GPU: crashes on all games, so this is out for sure.

OS: Thinking of using windows 8, security is a big issue for me (and can't use linux), seems more secure. I don't know if I can install it on two SSDs for use in the same computer or not, but I have a Win7 64b license already.



Proposed build: ($1434 on pcpartpicker, $1792 IRL)




limited options, but open to pretty much any suggestion. Heavy multitasking, SSDs will be very helpful with the primary programs I am using, as well as more cores. Light gaming, SC2, Hitman, and BF3 are the most intensive games I can foresee wanting to play, but at high resolutions (2560*1600 on 30''').



HAF XM ($148) + 2 200mm fans. don't mind spending more on a case that would be great and last forever, if it helps with temps over my stacker. Hotswap bays might come in handy with dual OS ssds


intel I7 3770k processor ($355)


CM Hyper 212 Evo ($41) or, if it might help me get a decent OC going now,  TR - SILVER ARROW SB-E ($88) (plan on possibly upgrading this later to water)


Asrock z77 Extreme 4 ($148) or  Asus P8z77-v ($203) or Asus P8z77 V-pro ($241) 


GIGABYTE HD 7950 ($372) or GIGABYTE HD 7970 OC ($462) or XFX 7970 ($441) or Sapphire HD 7950 Vapor-X ($375) (I hear about problems with this one). I think I would prefer getting a 7970 GHZ for same price, or a 7870 LE Tahiti, but I don't beelieve those are available. I would like CF this card in the future when I need it, but my gaming is not too intensive. 


Only choices are OCZ, Intel, Plexor, and Kingston, and they are pretty expensive. HD speed and capacity will be pretty important for my 256 GB drive, less so for my others, again I am going to be dual booting with two different SSDs, so two SSDs will be holding operating systems and I am not sure the best way to do this. 

- 256 GB OCZ Vector for ($319) or OCZ VERTEX 4 for ($297) or Plexor M5M ($296) or Intel 520 for ($298). I am thinking one OS will have a boot SSD drive (one of my old ones) and this 256/240 for storage/applications, and the other will have the other old SSD, and 1 TB storage drive. Any better way to do this? 


 G.skill 16 gb (2x8) DDR3 2133mhz RipJawsX ($172) or current ram

Power supply: 

Will ungrounded electricity effect the best PSU choice? 

Current power supply: 700w, possibly could keep this until I get my 2nd card. 

a friend is selling a used (2 year old) Corsair HX850, I could make him an offer but I have no idea what its worth. IT does seem like a solid power supply 

other options are:

Seasonic X-series gold 850w ($207), cooler master Silent Pro Gold 800w ($217), and cooler master silent pro m2 850w ($189)

If I went the route of 2x 7970 a power supply calculator recommended 800 watts,  for 7950x2 on crossfire it recommends 700. 




Total cost for first choices: $1792


. I feel like I am tossing out money if I replace a few of these parts, but I don't really know which I should be keeping, and which are worth replacing. Your input is very valuable to me!. 




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Where are you located mate? Can you link to any PC part sites?


As far as parts go you're looking at pretty solid components. However if I can get a look at sites I should be able to flesh out the performance while trimming down the budget.

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Located in Thailand. Only two reliable sites AFAIK:



invadeit is a bit confusing to navigate, gotta mouse over the top left "InvadeIT products" to get to the computer hardware section. 


I appreciate it :)

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I've aimed to keep all the parts from jedicool to save on shipping and to make it easier.


CPU - CORE i7 3770K - 10290

Mobo - AsRock Z77 Extreme4 - 4150

GPU - SAPPHIRE HD 7950 VAPOR-X - 10890


RAM - KINGSTON HYPER-X (K2) 16GB (8x2) 1866 MHz CL 10 - 4690

PSU - SEASONIC M12 II 850 W - 3990


CPU Cooler - Thermalright HR-02 MACHO - 1390


Comes to 46640 Baht or roughly $1600USD which also means you could potentially (depending on how flush with cash you are) go straight to crossfire.


The 3770K and Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 are solid choices. Not sure what issues you have heard of but the Sapphire Vapor-X is a great card with fantastic and quiet cooling that works well in crossfire situations.

With the SSD and RAM, Kingston is a good brand to consider and not only will you save some dollars you will still achieve the same performance. Granted I have kept everything to jedicool and if you can get to invadeit or if the shipping is free to negligible it wouldn't hurt to spend a little more for the G.Skill 2133MHz CL9 RAM and while your their the CM 212 EVO. The Thermalright HR-02 MACHO costs a little more but has near on the same performance and low noise but if you want you could balance things out by just going 212 EVO and G.Skill RAM (will cost an extra 90 Baht and will depend on shipping and want as to weather you go this rout).

With the PSU you don't need to worry about anything special, having underground power supply will not affect you PSU choice. You can go with the Seasonic M12 II 850W and save some money and still get a high quality 80+ Bronze PSU from a very trusted brand.


As far as keeping things from the old build all I really see to keep at this point is the HDD and just try and sell the rest to help cover part of the new build.

Hope some of this helps.

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okay, I really like your build and I am going to do pretty much exactly that, I think I am leaning towards 212 EVO is the only difference, and will probably order in the next two days. thanks :)

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