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AMD A10-5800K with GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4 OC Guide

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AMD launched Llano APU with FM1 socket in July 2011.

Later on, AMD launched Socket FM2 in Oct 2012.

FM2 and FM1 CPU sockets are not compatible. Please be aware of it before upgrade.

In the past, the advantage of AMD platform was compatible sockets. It

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UEFI Screen

CPU Clock Ratio adjusts from 38 to 45. It means OC 5800K to 4.5GHz.

DDR3 enables Extreme Memory Profile to run at 2133.



DRAM Advanced Parameters, manually setup as CL10 11-9-32



Voltage Page

CPU Vcore 0.80000~2.30000V

DRAM Voltage 1.100~2.620V

CPU set as 1.46250V and DRAM set as 1.600V



PC Health Status

As OC setup above, the CPU temperature is over 41 degree C. It

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Running Time => 10m 39s

x264 FHD Benchmark => 13



PCMARK7 => 3644



Windows8 Experience Index - CPU 7.4



FM2 5800K clock after OC is much higher than FM1 3850.

As 5800K using dual module quad core structure, the clock and OC ability are improved a lot.

If we just look at performance in CINEBENCH, the CPU single and multiple threads numbers are as below.

FM2 5800K OC 4492MHz and i3-3220 default 3293MHz.

i3-3220 Single Core CPU is 26.2% higher, and 5800K multi-CPU is 14.5% higher.

FM2 5800K OC 4492MHz and FM1 3850 OC 3540MHz

3850 Single Core CPU is 14.8% higher and 5800K multi-CPU is 7.4% more.

As multi-tasking Fritz Chess Benchmark, these 3 CPUs performance is similar.


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Temperature(Room is 22?C)

Enter to OS Desktop - 40



CPU Full Speed - 55

LinX 0.6.4



Disabling AMD C&Q power saving feature do testing. 32nm APU and FX CPU are low temperature in most software.

Sometimes, even lower than room temperature, like 8~16. As CPU is not thermoelectric Cooling, it should be higher than room after power on.


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1. Black PCB with good quality. Trinity APU structure makes high end MB parity.

2. Using IR3550 PowlRstage PWM to lower MOSFET tmeperature

3. 7 SATA3 and 1 eSATA3 for better expandability

4. IO has 4 different video output ports and supports 4 USB 3.0 devices

5. Build in debug LED and 3 buttons for bare system users



1. CPU full speed power consumption is too high

2. Better to have 2 PCI slots




Performance ?????????? 81/100

Components ?????????? 86/100

Specifications ?????????? 88/100

Appearance ?????????? 83/100

C/P Value ?????????? 82/100


As the test above, you can see the difference between FM2 Trinity APU and FM1 Llano APU.

Trinity APU advantage is CPU clock can pull high and DDR3 clock is one level higher as well.

Temperature and power consumption are similar as they are both 32nm.

5800K built-in 3D performance improves a lot, especially in DX11 supported games.




Latest Trinity APU still focus in mid to low end market to provide more parity options.

New chipset specs are better than A75 and supporting more SATA3.

If you own FM1 already, you don

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