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Harry Potter fans, check this out.


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I've been bumping this thread for over a year and yet have had very little replies. Most people would give up, me on the other hand I aint no 'most' people...


So, without further ado, I give you a podcast named-


~The Chapter Titles Were So Good~


Essentially its three dudes who do a review chapter by chapter of the Harry Potter books, except that they do it quite comically.


I've been listening to this for about three (?) years now and its pretty damn awesome.


They swear a lot and often talk about other nerdy/geeky stuff, even going off on tangents for half the episode.

But for the most part they analyze the chapters and talk about stuff you never think of, which makes it pretty interesting.


If you enjoy Harry Potter I'd say you're doing yourself a dis-service by NOT listening to this.


Here is a direct link to the .MP3 of the first episode, listen to it and post what you think.
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Its like listening to a new album, I need to be in the mood. If forced, I don't like it haha. I'll give it another shot later in the week.

Aha I see, well it's pretty nerdy and over critical sometimes but it is hilarious.


If you went 7 minutes you went 3 min. longer than I did. Maybe if I had smoked a little something first ? Sound quality lacked a bit. Might try it again sometime soon. :teehee:

If you're really into Harry Potter and have read the books a few times then you'll enjoy it.


It may take some time to get used to it but I guess you love it or hate it.


Meh :P

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