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Humble Weekly Sales


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Still no Weekly Bundle so here's another Humble Store pre-order: Monaco. The pre-order gets you a DRM-free version, a Steam key, two tracks from the soundtrack, and the sheet music for creating remixes that may be included in a remix album.

Also, since Andrew brought it up, the IndieGala weekly sale includes:

  • Nuclear Dawn
  • Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman
  • Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman Soundtrack


  • Cognition Episode 2: The Wise Monkey
  • EvilQuest
  • EvilQuest Soundtrack


By the way, I can't promise I will remember to post the IndieGala sale once the Humble Weekly Sales start up again, but if I do forget, go ahead and post them here. (I can't promise I'll remember next week.)

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Or buy the latest Indie Royale bundle. :P

Seriously, Troy? Support literacy!

:lol: There's reading in games.

Humble Text-Based RPG Bundle launches! Multiplatform, DRM-free, and comes with copies of the scripts for leisurely reading. Midsale addition is a collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Beat the average to get a mod to run all of your games in monochrome CRT mode.

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No Humble Weekly Sale. No Indie Gala Weekly Sale. No Humble Store pre-order.... Read a book :P

You were a little premature ;)


Indie Gala Weekly Sale


Pay $1 and get:

- Miner Wars Arena (Steam, DRM-free)

- Zombies (Desura, DRM-free, Steam if Greenlit)


Pay $2.99 and also get

- Miner Wars 2081 (Steam)

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So far no Humble Weekly Sale but we have the Humble Double Fine Bundle:

Double Fine Bundle:

  • Psychonauts (Win, Mac, and Linux)
  • 2 Psychonauts Soundtracks
  • Costume Quest (Win, Mac, and Linux)
  • Costume Quest Soundtrack
  • Stacking (Win, Mac, and Linux)
  • Stacking Soundtrack


  • Brutal Legend (Win, Mac, and Linux)
  • Brutal Legend Soundtrack


  • Broken Age


  • T-Shirt

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