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Is it true wireless keyboard & mouse has lag problem ?

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Battery life varies a lot, I had a cheap wireless mouse that used AAA batteries, and lasted for 3 months without needing to be replaced. Number of buttons also varies on a mouse depending on what model you buy.


And finally, different people have different hands, so some mice designs will feel more natural to certain hand shapes/sizes. I'd imagine some mice may be uncomfortable after extended periods of time, so read reviews.


You might want to try the Logitech G400, one of the most reliable and commonly used gaming mice.



Thanks for the link but $40 is a little bit too much from what i willing to spend :)

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I have used logitech MX550 and "performance" mice, and they both definitely suffered from "microlags" at times, I imagine the technology will get good enough in the near future that the difference between wired and wireless would be unnoticeable. I currently use a razer mamba, and I do notice a difference between wired/wireless. 

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