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Crossfire Overclocking Help

Trent LK

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Hello I have been messing around with overclocking my 7950's. After finding the maximum overclock of the first card to get 1175mhz at 1238mV I attempted to overclock the second card. Using the first as a baseline i applied the same voltage to the second card but lowered the frequency to 1100mhz. After applying the overclock to the second card I proceed to do some stability testing. Running crysis or 3d mark would cause system frezzing or cause CCC drivers to stop responding. After realizing this i lowered the frequency some more but this too also crashed my system. I have extended OC limits in MSI afterburner and disabled ULPS. I have also set the powertune to +20%. I am sure that the second cards voltage is more than antiquate for the cards frequency but it keeps crashing. I would like any help resolving this issue. Thanks!


System is:

3570k @ 4.8ghz, Cooled by H100i

Asus Maximus V Formula

8gb @ 1600

Asus DC2 V2 7950 Crossfire

Antec HCG 900w

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