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Unigine Benchmark thread


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Unigine Benchmark Thread
Download Unigine Heaven and Valley HERE.



API: DirectX11
Quality: High
Tesselation: Normal (Heaven only)
Anti-aliasing: x8
Fullscreen: Yes
Resolution should be 1280x720 or 1920x1080
Screenshot of the options: HERE
When the program is done it will ask you to save the results.
Open the results and upload a screenshot of your score, preferably with CPUz and GPUz as well.
Post the score in a comment in this thread.
Someone will then add your score into the appropriate document.


We're going to do things a bit differently this time, scores wont be tallied in this post, instead they will be kept track of in one of these Documents:

Unigine Heaven 4.0
Unigine Valley

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give me a minute and ill post mine up. For the Unigine valley I would suggest using Basic as the low mark and Extreme HD as the high mark. That will make the settings easy to configure and it will all transfer right over.


Benchy time.


Unigine Valley Basic


Stock: 3995 

Valley Basic x2-480 stock score 3995.PNG

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To those who have a cpu and gpu like mine, is this a typical score? I'm not sure tho it looks okay...:)


Heaven 4.0



Do my temps seem relatively safe on air for 24/7 stability?

1225 @ 1.25 70C

1625 @ 1.60 74-74C

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