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Is it possible to reorient video?

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If you have a linux VM, then you should be able to create a bash script to rotate all the files using FFMPEG.





Here is an untested script:

mkdir processed
find . -name '*.avi' -exec bash -c 'for i do
  ffmpeg -i $i -vf transpose=2 processed/$i
done' -- {} +

I don't, and this is WAY beyond my technical expertise but thanks anyway

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The easy way to do it... Get Windows Movie Maker. Its free. Load up your video, and somewhere (I'll try to find it if you can't), there's an option to rotate it and make it normal again. I had the same issue when I filmed things with my old iPhone 4. I found out I was holding it the wrong way around and it recorded everything upside down. Movie Maker is pretty simple to use, so you should find the tool to do it without too much hassle, but again, if you can't PM me and I'll find it for you. 


Edit: Already found it.


1. Load up your video on Movie Maker.

2. Click the home tab.

3. On the ribbon tool bar, click "rotate left" or "rotate right" as needed.

4. Export video with whatever settings you'd like.


DONE! That's it, nice and easy. 

Edited by Onion

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You guys are cracking me up...you do realize this post was from February right?

I honestly appreciate the enthusiasm but I went with Euro's suggestion of DVDVideoSoft.com.

It worked pretty well. The whole process was pretty time consuming anyway though.


Onion. page one of the thread discusses Moviemaker and it's not the best IMHO


Try the one at the site Euro linked to.

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Oops, skipped over that part. :P I don't have the issue anymore, it was just one video. 

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