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How Do I Unlock A Barton 2800+

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Well... I'm new/newbie(:rolleyes:) to OC'ing.

I sure want to unluck my multiplier, because of my crappy ram [DDR333]..

Current setting is 166mhz and 12.5 mp...

So well... Guess you want to know my system, so here it is biatches:


2800+ @ (Standard speed :lol:) 2088mhz.. {Aircooled with Jet-7}

AOpen AK79D-400VN

1x512 'No named' crappy DDR333 ram [PC2700 in long version :P]

Radeon 9600 Pro with 256MB {Aircooled with ThermalTake DB Giant II}


Rest I don't have time to write right now... Well, I appriciate help :) Hehe...


Thanks for your time..


---Please keep in mind, that I'm a newb... Well not THAT newb... Just newb in OC'ing---


UPDATE: Uhm, don't know what week its from, if that means anything, is there a way to see that? .. Still got the box ..

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if it is week 39 or later than the multi really can't be unlocked...(yes Taz, I know :P )


there will be a bunch of codes on the CPU, not sure if it is on the box...


they will start something like (yours will be different)





that 0349 is the week... week 49 of 2003

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