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Need some art? Designer available

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o/ All!


Just thought I'd pop in here and say g'day to my fellow designers and photographers, and announce that I am available for some design projects should you be looking.


I've been working in-house as an Art Director for a local health & supplement retailer for a few years now, and my in-house comrades will understand that the monotony can get to us. As such, I've got pretty much zero 'cool' or 'fun' work samples, and I'd really like to start getting my portfolio up to snuff in departments other than health food flyer design.


I've got 5+ years experience working with Photoshop, and InDesign (3+ years on both, professionally) and I am a fourth-generation typesetter/printer/designer. I live, eat, sleep, and breathe design; and hot metal type runs thick in my blood.


Most of my work involves getting things out the door as soon as possible, which means most of my work involves tweaking templates, character/paragraph styles and datamerge workflows to expedite the production of a piece.


So, should you need some artwork (be it for a case decal, banner graphic, sig graphic, etc.), shoot me a pm or post in here. Keep in mind that any projects that I work on for members of OCC are done for free, and will always be stationed underneath my paid work in terms of priority.


When asking for something, please include the following (freelancers and other designers should be familiar with these):

  • General description of format: Describe any formatting issues you have arranged with the printer.
  • Message objectives: Hierarchy of copy messages, treatment of headlines, body copy, visuals.
  • Where to look for inspiration: Give brief examples of style / overall look you want the item to achieve. What aspects can be used as a starting point for the design? What feelings or metaphors reflect the spirit of your outcome vision?
  • What not to do: Also give examples of what the design shouldn

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