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Guess The Computer Part!

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1. Solid State capacitor 2.5V @ 820uF

2. The left side (image rotated) of a Intel 1366 socket

3. Retainer bar for a CPU socket, probably Intel.

4. DDR3 Ram Slot

5. Sata Port

6. PCI Port

7. PCIe Port

8. Upside down LED display (forgot the actual part name)

9. Methinks the rear end of a motherboard IDE connector

10. USB motherboard pinout

11. Fan power output

12. Firewire header

13. COM Port


I thought I saw 3 errors....


6 is just a PCI slot and with 12 you can sorta make out the 1394 printed on the mobo, which suggests the header is for firewire and now seeing the whole mobo shot you can see that no 13 is not the mobo on/off/reset/hdd etc but rather the COM1 header for serial ports.

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1. Caps.(Possibly for the sound chip)

2. Part of the LGA 1366 socket & some smoothing caps.

3. Processor bracket retention clip.

4. DIMM slot.

5. 12v SATA connector for SLI/Xfire

6. PCIe slot.

7. POST/debugging LED

8. IDE connector slot

9. USB front panel connector

10. 3 pin fan header

11. Firewire front panel connector

12. Comm port connector

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You're a sneaky one. I went into the parent directory to see if you named the images.


We used to rename the image files like this ALL the time in the 'Name that car' thread, it was funny when someone was like "Honda Civic!" when it clearly wasn't.




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