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Car Stereo Wiring Conundrum

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Goole is your friend...I just googled 85 nissan pick up radio wiring and found this  http://www.justanswer.com/nissan/17ik6-wire-new-stereo-85-nissan-pickup-when.html

Yes i found that, but i dont have any white wires. Or green ones. So that is no help.


EDIT: Btw i found a multimeter so after work i will probe the wires and see what i can find.

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The results are in.....

I must have screwed the radio. The 12v and ignition wires have power and the fuses are all intact.

So im going to try and get a hold of another old radio to check, and if that one doesn't work i know its something else on the truck not the radio.

Bahhhh.... so much for an easy job. Serves me right for bypassing a fuse i guess.

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