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Horrible Mouse Touchpad

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I got a new laptop from my company (a Dell Latitude Semi-Rugged) and I find the mouse touch-pad on the machine to be horrible. I had an older machine (a Panasonic Toughbook) where for years I used the mouse touch-pad extensively with no issues. However, on the Dell it stops, it sticks, it jumps, and I can't get it to go where I need it and its driving me nuts. However, when I plug in an external mouse, the external mouse works fine. (But I don't like taking the external mouse everywhere, and I have trouble using it when travelling.)


And even worse, when I take it to our IT department, they can't find any issues with it, so they think I am crazy. (They have played extensively with the sensitivity settings, but it doesn't help when I start trying to use it like I am used to.)


So my question, is there any tools out there, like a obstacle course game, not a difficult game, but requires quick and precise mouse movements and clicks, so I can show its easy to play the game on an external mouse, but  impossible if they try to play the game on this crappy mouse touch-pad? 


Or any thoughts of how to demonstrate this touch-pad is junk?





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None specifically for that task that I'm aware of. Does anybody else in the company use the same laptop? If so check their's out. Yours could have a fault that the chumps in the IT dept. can't figure out. Also check for driver updates for your machine. Failing that, try begging for another laptop. I personally hate all touchpad's & always carry a supplementary mouse.

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