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nvtray.exe using insane amounts of ram.

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So the last few days my rig has been running kinda slow.

My first thought was that it has been caused by not shutting down in a while. So i rebooted, and the problem persists.

So i brought up task manager and discovered that nvtray.exe was using almost 1GB of RAM! It was committing somewhere between 6 and 7 hundred thousand kb and working about 250,000, with 200,000 private reserved.

Google suggests that this is the nVidia driver or some such thing, but i doubt it should be using this much RAM.

Any ideas on what this is and/or how i should deal with it?



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Some type of memory leak. Did you have an internet browser open with some video paused or something?

Hmmm, ff was closed and chrome only had maps open... i think.

Would fah affect that, i don't remember it ever having that effect before.

Its not screwing with me today, been trying to recreate it for the last half hour but i can't.

I've got two youtube videos paused and netflix streaming with wmp playing too, and FAH in the background. And nvtray.exe is only pulling 25,692 K and the whole system is only pulling 41%. Versus 70% yesterday with maps wmp and excel, and FAH.

So hopefully it sorted it self out whatever it was. Only thing thats changed as far as i know is that i had a brown out and the pc crashed, since then its run fine.

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Durn thing is back again, with a vengeance.

I have word and spotify open with FAH in the background. That is literally all that is running. And nvtray is using 2GB, yes you got that right 2GB!!! of RAM. What in the world could be wrong? I don't have time to re-install my drivers tonight but if the problem persists i may have to on Saturday.

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