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WTB i5 Core Components

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My fiancee is currently computing on her 7 year old laptop that is about to give up on her.  I have been collecting random parts for her new desktop build, and was hoping the good folks at OCC could help me out a bit.  


What I currently have:

  • Corsair Carbide 300R
  • My original GTX 470
  • Zalman 9900 CPU cooler (trying to get them to send me an 1155 adapter)
  • 120gb Plextor M3 SSD (currently in her laptop, will not need HDD)
  • LG DVD Burner
  • Mouse/keyboard/headset

What I will need to finish out the build:

  • Overclockable i5 (2500k or 3570k)
  • Decent Z77 motherboard
  • 8gb RAM 
  • 1080p LED monitor

I will also need a PSU, but I am particular about these and will probably end up getting her the Seasonic M12ii 620w.  I've had my eye on that one for a while now :)


Anyways, if anyone has any of the above components they would like to sell (or donate :evilgrin: ) please let me know.  We would greatly appreciate it!

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