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Need wordpress plugin advice

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Any one using or working with wordpress give a first time user on must have Plugins? Back up, security, Administration?

here is a list of my current plugins I am using.

Advanced You Tube Embed Plugin



Jetpack (is this one worth getting the paid upgrade?)

Pie Register

Simple Daily QuotesSimple User Profile

Terms of Use

User Permissions



any tips tricks or suggestions would be awesome!


EDIT: A large majority of my site will be information on how to clean maintain and generally keep up appearances inbetween house washings here in central Florida with an emphasis on helping my 1700+ clients with preventative maintenance.

So I need a way to provide a lot of information to my clients (average ages 50-70) in a way that is easy to browse for most that are not very tech savvy.

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If you plan on having a commenting system I find Discus really good.

I've also used google xml sitemaps  and all in one SEO to help automate some of the behind the scenes stuff for search engines. Both are fairly effective and if you don't have the knowledge to mange your own SEO they are probably the best you'll get.

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