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Stonerboy has some audio gear....

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Cool, I started out as a cabinet maker back in 19 something something hehe. Thats going to be a cool piece. You know what you need to go with it?

a Wurlitzer!

My dad was nearly a professional French polisher but stupid new apprentiship laws meant he had to leave the job and apprentiship he loved.


Ahaha umm funnily enough we actually have a rather old electric organ that dates back at least as far as the stereogram. Its really a rather beautiful organ but needs a bit of a fix up. Pretty certain its a Hammond organ but I could be wrong. However if your talking the jukebox side of Wurlitzer then that'll be part of the mame cab that I really need to make time for :pfp:

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It looks so naked, unfortunately haven't been able to start restoring it yet as its too bloody hot and sunny, will hopefully start on it come dusk but I don't think that is too likely. So instead I started working on measuring out the new holes to mount the Garrard turntable.


As it was prior




Now with new holes marked and cut




A bit messy but with it cleaned up and the new TT in place.




And here is a shot of the old TT again.




The old TT is a BSR Monarch UA15 branded Diamond Fi (or rather Diam-Fi-nd) and the new Garrard AT6 is a minor upgrade, major if you consider the fact it hasn't spat out parts haha.

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Well after doing a bit of testing last night I have now decided that the best finish will be getting back to bare wood.


On the back their was some scrapes. And the wood that was there came up such a rich and lovely golden I am now going to begin the long arduous task of strippibg the varnish and sanding the wood veneer. Wish me luck haha

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