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Quick VS cooling question for fx8150

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I have built new 8150 rig my cnps9900 max had the mounting system fail, currently cooling using a gigabyte g2 pro not really up to my spec but it does keep the processor from over heating as long I only clock it to 4Ghz with 4.2 on the turbo max tem63/64C with this cooler not exactly great but stable. I have tested chip and get it to higher clocks that are stable with the right voltage but temps start to spiral off into the distance. So I am down to 2 options for what I can fit in my case(HAF932) from what I can surmize and they



Antec KUHLER H2O 920 Liquid Cooling System - $99.99



Phanteks PH-TC14PE 140mm UFB with a tri fan setup additional fan for tri fan - $100.98


price range is around $100-$125


btw current cooler for refernce G2 pro


anyway looking for best performance for cooling limit to 140 max fan on the radiator due to the top mounting option be blocked in my case.


would like to order this weekend if anyone has any advice.


setup details for those interested


Windows 8 64-bit pro

Sabertooth 990 R2.0

32GB DDR3 1866

100GB pcie ssd 700/550

512gb SATA 3 transcend SSD 565/550

60GB mushkin Sata 3 SSD 565/550

Sata dvd burner

Galaxy 560ti Soc White Edition

Gigabyte 550ti OC edition

fx 8150 vcore 1.28 @ 4.0 currently cooled via G2 pro mentioned earlier prime stable max temp 63C after 24hrs no errors on any cores

Haf 932 case

200mm front fan in 200mm side fan in, 120mm on bottom in, 120mm on top out, 140mm rear out

Dual psu trigged by relay.

pc&c 750 and a antec 620 earth watts,

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I personally do not like most of the "tower" coolers because they are just crappy to work with, the LCS approach is nicer in that regard. With that in mind I would go with the LCS solution. Might want to look at the Thermaltake Water 2.0 units if you have the option. The Pro model is the same basic design as the 920 but it has been tweaked with a higher speed pump and a bit better radiator designs, actually delivers better performance. Both of them are basic Asetek designs, the Thermaltake solution is newer and thus fixes limitations in the older model.

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Have a look at this review of the new Corsair Hydro H60 http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/new_corsair_h60/


The new Hydro revision is nothing short of amazing and would make a fantastic cooler. It has had some change and is performing better and quieter than the previous Gen h80 which is considerably thinker and harder to work with in a case.

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The h60 revision 2 is looking like a good option in price and case area I am wondering if it is possible to run a push pull config on it and if it would help.

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What went wrong with the 9900MAX?? Mine works perfectly for my needs and I have a hot Bloomfield chip. If you can get that working and save your money, that'd be ideal.


Has the fx8150 system replaced your 965 one or do you run both??



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The mounting bracket on the 9900 broke I considered just geting a replacement bracket but the mount had alway been a bit of challange for me with and with having to my mobo the last time to remove it due to a striped ball hex screw when they could have used regular hex or torqx or just about anything else and avoided the issue, prompted me to upgrade the cooling while switching to something without such an asine mounting system.

I really need to update my sig.


Explanation of how things got the way they are now.


The 965 rig I gave(voluntold to give) to my brother when his mobo died and it was out of warranty he was do for an upgrade anyway, and I was at least partialy compensated towards my new rig by my paarents when this happened.


I then built the FX8150 rig as a pure gamer rig with the 560Ti,  the 560ti was an rma freebie upgrade so it runs the 560ti for graphics and the 550ti for physx + an all SSD setup, and 32GB of DDR3 1866, Asus Sabertooth 990 R2.0 board.


I also have a 610e rig as media machine and back up gamer 16GB DDR3 1600 heavily oced zotac GT545 5.6TB of storage soon to be 8TB total Gigabyte 970A-UD3 board - this rig runs nearly 24/7 minus updates.


Hopefully that answers some questions as to why the cooling upgrade is needed and wanted after a nightmarish experience with the Zalman.


As not it did install on the FX8150 rig it just did not seat properly thus necessitating its removal to redo the thermal grease this then uncovered the stripped screw and all the drama their in.  


So yes the 965 is still running just in my brothers room.


Anyway so what the take on a push pull 2nd gen H60 versus replacing the bracket on the zalman as far as temps.


thx. in Adv. 

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The way I see it, this will take you as far as your need to go: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103099


It's in my humble opinion, the best cooler out there. It'll take any newer chip very far, won't break the bank, and if you wanted to you can always add quieter fans to make it a stellar competitor.


The H60 is a great cooler too don't get me wrong, it's just not twice the price better (and of course that's just my opinion).


Maybe you could contact Zalman for a replacement mounting kit and then sell the 9900 to make the 212 free or maybe even make a little money.


I was very impressed with my friend's 212+ (and I think the EVO's marginally better) which easily overclocked my friend's 2500K to 4.5ghz no sweat. We could have gone higher but he didn't leave too close to me so I only had that one night.

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