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Best PC Controller

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Well, I went to the store and bought a wired 360 controller. I just think I will enjoy it more for the computer then I would my PS3 controller. Thanks for the help.


I personally love the PS layout better but I still like the Xbox controllers too. Good choice, much less headache with that controller.


Me personally, I'm a Saitek guy:

Cyborg Rumble (you can swap it between Xbox and PS style analog stick arrangement...you can guess how mine is...)


and my girlfriend uses my old controller

The P2500 (I think it's the first gen though, no rumble option)



I was too lazy to look into my PS3 controller again, since I used to use it years ago but then when I started using x64 OS's for my laptops, there were no drivers at that time (this was quite a while ago). So I bought the P2500

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