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Time for an update. Actually my first actual sponsored update (more to come).

The very kind people of Cooler Master I had contact with and I explained my goal. They agreed I needed something powerfull but efficient. So they offered me a Silent Hybrid Pro 1050W. Now who in their right mind would say no to that? Not me anyway!





















I used to be all Corsair when it comes to PSUs, but I have come back from that. Recently I have been working on sleeving PSUs for others and I have seen quite a lot of different brands and I have really started to respect Cooler master for their PSUs a lot. I still don't understand why their Silent Pro Gold series has such a huge bundle of non modular cables. But their recent M2 line up is amazing value for money. And this Silent Hybrid Pro series is exactly what we want from them. Fully modular. No silly colours. Complete package. Strong single rail performance. That amazing brushes aluminum panel around the fan. 80+ Gold certified. And last but not least the 5,25 bay panel to have access to a fancontroller for both the main fan and the added fan power connections. I mean you get extra fan power connectors and a fancontroller with your PSU. A lot of builds can use them because there aren't enough fan power connectors on the mobo itself. I am very pleased with this amazing piece of tech.

Thank you very much Coolermaster! And thank you Marco for being so kind to sponsor this project with one. It is an amazing help.

I will post more pictures once I have fully sleeved the wiring to match the build.

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One big update coming right up!

So I received the custom grills and they are :drool:

The package arrived from Portugal. Ricardo did an amazing job. Here is one assembled and one in pieces. Each grill is made up from 3 plexi pieces and a dustfilter. Plus a bunch of screws to keep it all together.






It is actually completely flush with the sidepanel. The round edges on the panel itself make it look like otherwise in the picture, but it is.

The fun thing with these grills is you see more orange the more diagonal you are looking at it. Looking at a 90 degree angle you hardly see any orange. I absolutely love them.









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Finally started on the top panel one. Again it consists of 3 plexi pieces with a dustfilter (and a spare dustfilter). The other plexi plate is for measuring the hole that needs to be bigger on top of the case as it originally house 2*120mm fans and I want it to house 3 and a radiator. Not an easy feat since it is 4mm thick aluminum. One extra strong grinding wheel was completely gone after 4 cm. So I brought out the jigsaw again. Like a knife through butter. Spent about 1 hour filing the hole to the correct shape and fit. It is being fitted from the inside like the original. But with extra strong holding points near the 5,25 inch bays.








A few pictures of all 3 grills in. The top one NOW isn't flush with the top. it will be eventually. And that looks WAY better. At some point a rad will hang from the grill making the top sqeeze the dustfilter flat and making the grill lower into the case. I also have some washers to use if needed for an extra 1,5 mm. I am even more happy with the top grill than the side grills. IRL it looks absolutely amazing. Later on with better lighting I will get my neighbour with his SLR to make far better pictures. But for now you will have to do with this sadly. Sorry.







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Liking it so far. Gonna be a sweet case if nothing else :P

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Liking it so far. Gonna be a sweet case if nothing else :P


Thank you very much :)

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That orange highlighting really pops.


Thanks :)

It was really what I was going for.




Thank you very much.



That orange highlighting really pops.

I totally agree. Did you do it yourself?



Did what may I ask? Create the grills? I designed them, but a Portugese company lasercut the grills from layers of plexi. www.coldzero.eu

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Got me a nice package I was waiting for :)



Yep a package from Nils. Not just for me this time as I was also working on a PSU of a friend. But I finally got my crimping tool. AND some orange (in your face) sleeving and some nice shade 19. I already have black so now I think I have all the colours I will need.


I also received 12 of these. Yes 12. I love these fans and have always wanted to use them in a build for me. They will be used for the radiator(s) as well as general use.

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Later on I received a package from Samsung. They were so kind to send me a desktop kit of a series 830 64GB SSD. I have bought another one just like it to put into RAID. But I am also trying something different with one. More pictures of that later on.

These things are not only very fast and reliable, but also fit my build perfectly in colour. I love them (and bought one for my regular PC as well).








Thank you very much for arranging this SSD for the project Arafeh! :thx:

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Ahh. How did you get the orange in the grills? If I were to paint it would not have turned out that nice. Oh wait, I see now. It came in multi pieces. You can't tell after its put together. They did a nice job of making it for you.

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