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firefox reporting OCC as a threat site.

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OCC has been cleared by Google, but some users may see the warning still. There is a known bug in Firefox which doesn't properly clear the error once the site is marked as clean. The Firefox developers have indicated they will not fix this bug in Firefox 17 because Firefox 18 will be out within a week. This means that if you are using Firefox, you must either update to a beta from here:



Or change to another browser.


I'll just wait for the official release, but that's good to know...thanks. I thought it simply had to do with the server changes, as that's the only thing indicated on the warning page.



Yea that warning page was a little misleading. It was just listing the networks and their AS numbers associated with them for informational purposes. It wasn't really saying there was a server/network change issue.

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Just got the warning page again. But the clarification by Bosco keeps the peace of mind.

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