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Mechanical keyboards all the way, got a small fleet of them now


Main is a steelseries 7g,the original keycaps got a bit faded after a year, but i got a custom set for $20, which now keeps the whole keyboard looking great


Second is a Filco tenkeyless mech kb, again with custom keycaps (all blank), with cherry brown switches


Third is a WASDkeyboards cherry red mech kb, with blank keycaps too.


I do however, love my razer naga epic. It is by far the most comfortable mouse i have EVER used ( i use the widest grip addon) and i have the DPI set to 5600 (i have over 8000 horizontal monitor pixels to move between). Also love the macro keys (use at least 9 of the 12 every day and for gaming

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Well look at what I started here. It looks like you all have your own opinions on what is best. lol. I have heard that Mechanical keys are best but to be honest I still don't under stand the difference and I have tried to look it up but just got more confused. I did however settle on a keyboard and mouse. I bought both the of the CoD MW3 mouse and keyboard because I like most Logitech devices as long as they are not wireless. I have never had good luck with wireless. I ended up giving my old Logitech G5 mouse to my wife and then we won the Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard from the OCC Christmas Contest which my wife promptly said was hers and I figure that was best so that I would keep both the CoD devices together on one computer. CoD is by far not my favorite game but its not so bad that I would pass up on the great deal that Amazon was having on both of them seeing as the standard edition was still more than twice the price.. Now we can finally retire her old Compaq keyboard that she has had longer then she has known me and we have been married for 8 years and have had 3 children together. So thanks to you guys, OCC, and Roccat we both have gaming keyboards and mice.

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