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New here and to watercooling

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hi all new here and in need of some guidance to water cool my system.


case-  cm storm trooper

mobo-  sabertooth Z77

cpu-  i3 to be i7-3770k (tomorro)

gpu-  evga gtx460 x2 

psu-  700w

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ah ok about 400 quid to spend and overclocking gpu's they get seriously nosiy at about 70c then the cpu.

oh and a couple ov corsair 8gb memory is it worth wcing them or just keeping them on air cooled.

I got the gtx 460s to core clock 890mhz and mem clock to 2290 playing skyrim stable but like i said very noisy.  


What size radiators do i need to cool the gpus and the cpu?

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