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Very Nice!

Everything is looking pretty good. I really dig the DOF shot with the flowers in the foreground and the water tower in the back.


I picked up the Nikon D5100 about 6 months ago. I have gotten into photography quite a bit since then.

I mostly only use Manual Mode cuz I do a ton of night shots.


This is my gallery of good shots.


Nice shots man !  what lens are you using ? and what lens came with it? I am just using the stock Nikor 18-55 but would love to get a 300

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Thank you!


I am using the Nikon 35MM f/1.8 (Prime) lens for pretty much all of my shots.

Some of my star shots I use the same 18-55MM lens you are using. Which is also the same lens my D5100 came with.

I also own the 75-300MM f/4-5.6 lens as well, but I have only used it a handful of times.. I thought for sure I would use it more, but that has not been the case.


I am looking at getting a 10 or a 14MM f/2 lens next. I would suggest that if your doing landscape or indoor shots mostly.. If your looking for another lens anyways.

The 75-300 I really would only use I think if I was going to get into wildlife or sports photos..


That's my opinion anyways. Personally I wish I would have dropped the 2 or 300 I spent on the Zoom lens on a wide angle lens now.

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