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Hitman Absolution

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Anybody playing/played the new hitman?


I had it on pre-order months ago, so was playing the sniper challenge alot.


Just completed the game in about 35 hours. (I'm a perfectionist, so re-played a lot of bits to get them just right!)


Thought I would post my thoughts:


Overall, the game is excellent. The controls are great and the way you interact with the world is easy and fluid.

The graphics are great. On my ageing hardware I can only run it at Medium @ 1920x1200 and it still looks stunning. at this setting I hit about 50-60 FPS most of the time so it plays well.


For anybody who likes games which require a bit of thought I highly recommend it. 


A quick summary of my likes/dislikes:



+The controls

+The level design

+The contracts 

+The main story is detailed and long. I am use to games taking less than 10 hours to complete. Its taken me 35 and thats just the first play through. Lots more things to unlock and differnt ways to play each level! Looking forward to it already


Dont like:

-The checkpoint system is crap. If you sneek around and dont kill/subdue people its fine. If you like to clean up this dosent work. Every time you load back everyone is alive and well.

-The weapon upgrade system. Unlike in Blood money, you can only have 3 attachments per weapon. It is also not possible to upgrade weapons during the story. I miss my scoped / silenced / full auto / laser sighted / amour piercing Silver ballas. The best you get in the story is silencer :(


What are your thoughts etc?



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As a die-hard Hitman-addict I would say the level design is not quite as good as Blood Money. It's way to narrow and linear, and some places doesn't fit at all into a classic Hitman experience.

The disguise system is also absolutely horrible. It makes sense that 2 janitors can see that you don't belong in a janitor suit, but it makes no sense what-so-ever that every policeman in Chicago seems to know one another, and therefor they can, within seconds, see that you are not an actual policeman when wearing a police uniform.


I hope they have heard the communities feedback on Absolution, and go back to the formula from Blood Money:

1. Don't spend half the development time making a fancy story.

2. Bring back the classic system of picking a loadout and takeing on a level. I don't care one bit about a cohesive story, or some emotional crap revolving around a girl.

3. I wanna kill people with pianowire and a silenced sniper-rifle - And I most certainly don't ever in my entire life wanna see Hitman ever again being able to pull out a 1.5m long rifle out of his jacket, GTA IV-style. Whos idiotic idea was that?!


Overall the experience is good, but there are far too many wrong decisions which seems completely out of place in a Hitman game.


The contracts mode is a brilliant way to do asynchronous multiplayer and I hope they bring it back for the next addition.

Sadly I feel that the core gameplay has only evolved towards the cineamtic, action packed poop we see in games like Uncharted. I wanna play the game, not watch a movie!


Overall I'd say the game is a 7.5/10.

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I totally forgot to mention that in my original message.

I am in total agreement about the stupidity of the weapon carrying. What happened to needing to bring along your nice sniper rife suitcase??


As far as the story goes, I don't much care for it either.

However 2 points I did absolutely hate, how often does 47 end up being captured? I am sorry but that is not how things go down. If 47 was captured, ANYBODY would put a bullet straight in his head and not risk his escape.


I do wish there was more option for weapon customisation. Nothing like going back and re-playing an old level but this time with a tricked out M4 or Silver balls with all the upgrades!


Lastly, what happened to notoriety? There is no punishment for being spotted. Why should I find all the evidence and not be spotted? It makes no difference to the next level.

I didn't realise till the last level that if you head-shot a guard then hide his body you get back to 0 negative points. This seems odd. You should be punished for taking a life you didnt need to.

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