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Kiro Reporting In

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Started exploring the forum a bit... and just found this place.  Figure it's not too late to introduce myself.


I go by Kiro or Kiroshino on most forums.  I'm not much of a gamer, but that's more due to certain circumstances than a lack of interest.  Guess I spent most of my time playing Combat Arms when it first came out in beta.   Quit after about a year when I moved back home to a monitored and seriously handicapped network, which limits me to playing single-player games when no one is home (video games aren't welcome in my house).  Over this past year, I've only played through Grid and the campaign mode of MW3.  Just picked up Dishonored and Metro 2033 (and Hydrophobia and Bastion), which I'll be playing during winter break.


On that note, I'm a senior in college studying Aerospace Engineering.  I work as a part-time system administrator, primarily focused on creating and managing virtual machines and hosts.  Currently in the process of applying for full-time jobs in engineering and IT.  Who's hiring?


I'm also an avid anime fan.  Last year, I attended AnimeNEXT, Anime Boston, and Otakon.  This year, I'll probably be attending the same in addition to Katsucon and Anime Expo.  Favorite anime is Elfen Lied, followed by Hellsing Ultimate and Toradora.


Currently debating whether or not to attend MAGFest (or PAX East for the matter), which is a gaming convention in Maryland.  Probably won't because I have a commissioned cosplay prop to finish (the rainbow sword from Chrono Trigger).  Going to be pretty cool with its lighting effects.  It's a good incentive for me to finish building a few projects I've been working on -- a 3D printer and CNC -- because I could use them for prop fabrication.  I do cosplay myself, but I haven't found something that I'd like to cosplay in a while and have resorted to helping others get theirs done.


Other than that, I found OCC while looking for places where I could buy used computer parts (specifically GPU's).  Then I read the Market Place rules, which says that I can't participate in that part of the forum just yet.  Figured I'd join up anyway because this community seems active and helpful.  Started by posting my first (and current) build: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=194682


TL;DR: You can call me Kiro.  Nice to meet you all. :)

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You're off to a great start already Kiro.  Your first welcome message was from the Bossman himself  :)


Welcome to our community here at the OCC forums.  We're glad that you've joined us.

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Welcome to OCC! Good feild you're entering. My daughter just started her journey into aerospace engineering. Great first build you got there.

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wevsspot: I don't know this community yet, but that surprised me as well.  It's unfortunate, but I don't usually see forum admins actively participating in their community.  He didn't give any indication that he actually read anything I wrote, but the gesture is nice enough. ^_^


kyfire: Thanks.  That's great to hear.  In my class of maybe 60 students, only 3 are female.  We could definitely use more female engineers.  Best of luck to your daughter.

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Thanks to you both. :)


Oh the horrors I have seen:


Kids spending what they don't have

For having what they don't need

And needing what they don't want

All for a good laugh.


But when that shadow comes a knockin'

The smile, gone from their face

For they spent their entire lives

Living a life not worth living.


Slowly losing grip of reality

By living in a dream

Not going out and becoming

A productive member of society.


If a dollar spent is a dollar lost

Then a life escaped is a lifetime gone

Should we condone this?

At what price? At what cost?


Oh the horrors I have seen.

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