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Replacing ram help

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For the x58 chipset and an i7 920 i would steer away from 1866 memory and go with a set of mushkin ddr3 1600. The Intel chip requires Alot more qpi and cpu voltage to operate 1800mhz memory. Diminishing returns is really all i can really describe. Plus it makes it easier to oc the processor. This is what i used when i oced the Heck out of mine. Got it to bench at 4,60 when it was new. Not so much later on. Needed some dice. And also using just 12 gig over 24 gigs will help keep the memory controller nice and chilax. And if you want i oc'ed this stuff up to 2000mhz at 9-10-10-30.


Cheap too.



+1. I've the same setup as you fetex

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