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Gateway NV52 Hardware

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First of all it's been literally probably 5 years, maybe 6 or 7 since I've been on the forums, and at least 3 since I've touched a modified computer. My overclocked Socket 462 from back in the day still runs great thanks to you guys :)


Here's my problem: I was putting some music on my fiance's laptop last night, and the screen seemed loose. I turned it off and flipped it over, and the screws in the bottom were all about 1/4 to 1/2 turn loose, and about 10 were missing. I tightened the screws, and that made the screen more stable, but there are still an alarming number of empty spots. It's a 3 year old Gateway NV52, not under warranty anymore. I haven't the slightest clue where to get these things anymore. I know the ebay part listed at 30 bucks is a little on the high side, inasmuchas I need 10 screws, and as a mechanically inclined person, I know that 3 bucks a screw isn't a great deal. Anyone have any direction on this? I just bought some similar screws for a scale model RC I have and paid 3 dollars for 20, but they aren't the same screw. I have an older ASUS laptop (Windows 98 older), and a few old DOS and 3.1 laptops at my parents' house, but these seem to use different screws. If anyone knows where I can get screws for this, let me know.



...And I will be back more often in a few months, when I am building the 6 core rig I have been wanting to do!

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D - have you attempted to contact Gateway customer support yet? I know of a few other laptop brands that stock the replacement screw sets and procurement is as easy as making contact and purchasing the set (or if your lucky and the laptop is still within the warranty period they may give them to you for free).


Careful not to over-tighten when you are replacing. And I always use a small dab of Loctite blue to prevent them from loosening up in the future. They don't torque any of them too tight at the factory for fear of breaking off the plastic posts that many laptops use to anchor the metal nuts inside the chassis or frame.


If you can't get the screws from Gateway you can check here;



They don't have a set for your exact laptop, but mfgs. use common screw sizes and thread patterns across multiple chassis most of the time.

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