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Contest for Tier 5 Members

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I figured I better let you guys know, so that you can't come back yelling at me that you didn't know :P


There is going to be a special draw on Christmas eve to win a 7970. Staff is not allowed to enter so its only for paying members only.


All you have to do is buy a Tier 5 membership and you are in thats it. Membership is low so chances are good right now.




Anyways as I said I figured I would let you guys know so there is no complaining :)

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May be a rediculous question, but what constitutes tier 5?

Click the link in the original post. :P


$60 or more:

All Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4 offerings (with noted changes)

Increased member file space and storage space (6,000 message limit and 140MB Storage)

200 MB photo gallery space.

Special Discounted OCC Hardware sales, with first right of purchase.

Contests only for Tier 5 Members.

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