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Some Nikon D3200 Shots

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The D3200 has been on sale for right at $600 if your willing to fork a few extra buck but you can get a Nice point&shoot for under $300 with lenses or if you have a Sams club or any other place that sells the Canon Rebel or Nikon DLSR's you can find them in the open item bins for about $500 if you watch closely.

I love my Nikon but i dont want to be a "fan Boy" im sure other manufacturers have comparable Equipment. I have noticed that for the Entry Level DSLR's the Cannon Lenses seem to be cheaper like the 75-300 for Nikon is about 400 and the Cannon is around 300


Cheers mate,,, yeah i was watching D3200 on youtube last nite and i think i'm leaning toward it and buy it . :)

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