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After visting the site designer's own site and checking his/her portfolio, no impressed. All the sites look like boilerplate sites, all on the slow loading side, and over all not very professional.


its practicaly the same lol, id quit imediatly if i knew the designers main site is basicaly the template for the beauteusa site.

lazyness doent pay in my eyes.


and there is a slight difference then a few days ago, he managed to make it worse then it was before lol, that ugly bar on the bottom is just wrong and even more facebook crap isnt really needed to begin with.

l33t if i were you or your dad (would be quite the paradox!) i would stay away of this cheapskate and spent your money wisely instead of throwing it away at a guy like this.


put in a picture for displaying his failure :P

notice that bar on the bottom? it wasnt there the time i checked it out a few days ago and to be honest, thats a downgrade right there lol.



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News news news! It turns out his web designer is also one of his business partners who just so happens to know how to do a bit of web design. He did the website free of charge to avoid having to get an expensive designer in the early stages of the site. That explains a lot. :lol:

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