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got an SSD finally! DIZ S##T's rediculos!

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so it was my bday some days ago right? I decided to treat myself (I know I'm way behind the times, but I'm a procrastinator). got myself an SSD. Vertex 4 256GB. I was lucky in the day that I bought it, I got a 10% off email so it was $180 for me. for a 256GB SSD? no brainer. installed in 3min. (yes I know there's no actual difference in SATA cables, so I pulled my second optical SATA and used that. (no I had no spare)). sits on my marvel 6gbps controller. I think this is my mobo. when asked to choose between IDE and AHCI, I chose the latter. (am I right? at least remotely?) installed OS and SIGH have to reinstall all my damn plugins for my aftereffects again. such a hassle! cuz ofc I didn't back up. idiot. installed only some apps and BF3 to the new C:\ windows boots like a dream. logo time is about the same, but after splash screen it's nearly instant, like a light switch. outlook and such in startup. a bunch of stuff.


as far as the new setup goes: is there anything I could've done to get more speed out of it? hit me before I get into the muck of the plugins.


oh and if I archive something - the speed of that. just rediculous. before I could've eaten a sandwich during a RAR archiving. now? 5-10sec. off da hook! very pleased.


wish the OCZ novelty sticker was smaller so it fit on the front of the case and not the side! one egg off for that LOL. other then that? sex

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Is there not a difference between sata 3gbps and sata 6gbps cables?

Interesting topic; http://www.maximumpc...pc_investigates




There is virtually no difference between a brand-new SATA 6Gb/s marked cable made this year and one produced nearly eight years ago as far as performance goes. Expensive cable, cheap cable; long cable, short cable

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