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If you have a laptop or some sort of mobile device with a decent screen and USB, you can simply go outside and have a seat. Start taking pics with your camera and automatically transfer them to your laptop. Simply fiddle around with the settings until you get a setting on the camera that you like, then go to a place you like and try and take some good pics. Keep tweaking the settings to get a picture that you can be proud of.


The reality of it is that every person is going to take their pictures differently. I think the link above does a nice job of teaching you the basics, but it does not tell you how to adapt your manual settings to the way you like it. For instance, you may not like brighter images, and you might have shaky hands so you may need to increase your shutter speed (or decrease your exposure if you prefer).


No tutorial on this planet will tell you how to adjust your camera to suit you, so it all comes back to trial and error.

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