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Post Your Pets Thread!

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My dogs spoiled? Naaaah...



My puppy apparently fell asleep with a shirt stuck on him that he was playing with.



Called his name to snap another pic.


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My brother's dog passed away a few days ago. He was an awesome, smart, and unique fella. Some of my best memories were from those two.



Shinji is the one on the left that passed away. The one on the right is Moja, a female that passed away four years ago. The best thing I ever saw was when one day when I was sitting and watching TV on that couch, and Shinji was sitting in the corner. On that side of the wall is a window, but it's difficult to see out while sitting on the couch. Moja comes in, looks at Shinji sitting in the best spot, then at me, and then at the window. You could see her thinking. She goes up to the window, looks out, and starts barking. Shinji jumps off the couch and looks out the windows to see what's up, only to see nothing, and Moja immediately jumps onto the couch where he just was. The look on his face, you know he realized he just got fooled.


The next day, he used that same trick to get Moja off the couch, and he jumped on the couch to that spot. The look on Moja's face was hilarious. I wish I had a camera to record all of it.




Moja was the more dominant one, but Shinji could have beat her if he wanted to. He had the best nose of any dog I ever knew, he could find me wherever I hid. One of the funniest things was if I covered Shinji with a blanket, then went to go hide, he would just stand there or lie down, and Moja wouldn't leave him until she was able to take the blanket off. Then they would try to find me together. When I put the blanket over Moja instead, Shinji would just to find me and leave Moja in the blanket, but she was smart enough to get out of it herself.




When Moja passed away, it was just him and Oliver.




All three of them sunbathing.




Another great picture of all three of them.




I'm gonna miss that fella.

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Haha, yeah. That's why some of her teeth had to be pulled. All that exposure to the air eventually rotted some of her teeth. Had about five or so pulled back near the end of April. Taken her a bit to get use to how to chew stuff again, since couple of the ones pulled were molars.


So how is it going from just dog sitting to dog owning the cute little guy?

Turns out our boss had tried getting several people to take him. Lol. We dog sat twice and Dave finally fell in love the second time. They came to pick him up the second time without the kids. They said we could keep him and he just stayed.

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